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Nostalgic Game Installation: Classic EverQuest

Do you remember a game called EverQuest? If you were an MMORPG player in 1999 then you probably do! This puppy was released in 1999 and it enjoyed a large following. However, the original MMORPG servers no longer exist if you try to play it again.

But far be it from adoring fans to be stopped by a company giving up on a game...

There is a strong following still out there, and if you still want to play the game there is a project that resurrected the game and created it's own servers to host the content. This is known as Project 1999.

On their main page they have instructions on how to set this bad boy up and play just like in the OG days of MMORPG, and if you know what you are doing you can jump back in following their directions to get back into the game you love. They have a step by step guide to get the game up and running.

Not in the mood to navigate all this?

If trying to manipulate old games into working on new servers and all the steps that are required scares or overwhelms you FEAR NOT!

Help is on the way!

I am able to help you navigate some of the pitfalls with getting the game up and running and can de-frustrate the process. In less than an hour you could be playing classic EverQuest again with fellow adoring fans, and having a blast doing so.

Contact me using this sites contact page, or the mobile site's chat or call feature and we can get you scheduled for an installation session. Time for some Nostalgic Fun!

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