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Fleet Management Consultation

At DarkScale Computer Services & Sales, we understand the importance of maintaining a reliable computer fleet to keep your business running smoothly. That's why we offer computer image/configuration building services, ensuring that all your machines are configured consistently and securely, whether you're using Mac or Windows. Our team of experts can work with you to determine the best configuration for your unique needs and deploy it across all your devices.

Windows Images and Provisioning (300 or less)


Maintaining a Windows Image for your fleet doesn't have to be complicated. With my Windows Image Creation Consultation service, I provide you with expert guidance every step of the way. My recommendation is to use a light script that is installed onto a flash drive, with a Windows setup image available from a network drive. This approach ensures that you have one image to manage, reducing the time and complexity of keeping all your images up-to-date. I recommend just installing from a windows installer image, NOT from a captured image because of how often captured images need to be updated. Use a generic image that I will help you set up, and then use PROVISIONING to finish the setup.


In the modern world Windows has made advances to try to keep you from having to build and maintain an image that is hard to keep up with. You can create Provisioning packages that do all your major provisioning from setting up admin accounts and passwords, to running scripts at the setup screen, to enforcing a full wipe and reinstall before even starting the configuration for devices provisioned right out of the box.

With a provisioning package you can just walk up, unbox a brand new computer, plug in the flash drive containing the provisioning package,  power it on, and it will do all the setup steps, resets, installs, admin setups, and just about anything else you need to have on the computer BEFORE you have a user log in. You can even make it so that it goes to the logon screen after setup so you can skip the OOBE (Out of Box Experience) if you so choose.

(Contact me if you are interested in getting help setting this up)


Intune Imaging/Configuration (300 or more)

If you are a large organization that has a lot of windows computers to setup and configure I do NOT recommend the conventional imaging techniques that may work for smaller organizations with less than 300 windows devices in the organization for larger organizations of 300 or more. In this case you probably want to go with a CLOUD version of computer management like Microsoft's Intune.

The good news: 

Most of the time larger organizations have access to M365 for business, which usually comes with Intune and Azure management built in. So you will probably not need to buy licenses for this purpose.

The bad news:

This form of managing windows requires a lot more configuration and knowledge in order for it to be done right. The silver lining is I have this knowledge, but you will want someone on site who can be trained on how to use Intune if you want to use it in perpetuity. I can be a resource to help get the initial setup done and also train your admins on what we did and why.


Apple Mobile Device Management Setup Services (unlimited devices)


I have configured Jamf for a fleet of 1000+ MacBooks and have maintained it. I was also present when it we transitioned from another MDM to Jamf, so I know what sorts of challenges you will face on many fronts when implementing, or changing Mobile Device Management (MDM) services.

Jamf is a powerful configuration tool that can be used to automatically set up your computers when powered on right out of the box when paired with Apple School Manager, or Apple Business Manager.

I have the knowledge to get you both started and to the finishing line on configuration for this service.


Before we migrated to Jamf, we had Mosyle on our 1000+ Macbook fleet. I know how it is to be configured, and run in order to effectively use the product. It functions in many similar ways to Jamf, but often at a fraction of the price. If you go for this options I can be equally helpful to you in setting it up.

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