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Custom PC Builds

Here we have a list of PCs I can build for you, since there is a lot of troubleshooting, assembly, and things that can go wrong with a build I charge 25% on top of the estimated price for the items for building the PC (This includes the shipping to you). 

Keep in Mind:

  • The prices do not include the shipping required to get the items to me originally from the various stores, so this may add $25-$100 to the price.

  • These prices are estimates up until I purchase them since prices can fluctuate on Amazon.

  • This is for the built tower and power cable that goes with it, none of these will include the mouse, keyboard, or monitor. 

If you would like to purchase one of these off the list, please go to the "Contact" page, tell me the Build Number of the one you would like and I will get you the exact price once everything is put in the cart from the various stores along with the estimated shipping cost (if any). Then I can send you the bill and once that is paid the purchase will be completed and shipped to me for assembly, configuration, and testing. Once the computer passes a battery of tests I will arrange shipment with you and we will get the computer delivered. I will be in contact with you during the process and will let you know if there is anything you need to know about during the process.

Dark Scale PC Build #1

This is very similar to the PC that I run for all my Streams, and gaming (Some of the components are newer)

It is a testament that you do not need the newest and best components to play most modern games, but you will have to sacrifice some high detailed settings potentially.


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