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Sorry, you have been blocked!

There could be several reasons you have been blocked:

  • Using a VPN or Proxy

    • This is used to help hackers hide their activity​

  • Using a Proxy enabled Safari Browser

    • You may not know this is enabled, but our protection cannot tell the difference between Safari and other Identity Hiding services.​

  • You are using TOR browser

    • TOR is a browser that is used by hackers to make their activity difficult to track.​

  • You are from outside the US

    • We do not sell or do service outside the US​

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

How do I fix it?

  • Temporarily turn off your VPN or Proxy

  • Access the site while within the US

  • Download and run Google Chrome

    • You can click this link or go to the App Store or Google Chrome's download page to get this.


    • Once you have done so and you have access to our site feel free to watch our videos on how to setup Google Chrome for the best experience and to help you with your digital wellbeing.​

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